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VENETO - Recycled Mosaic

“VENETO” mosaic brings to the market ‘Recycled mosaic’ which is made with post consumer glass. VENETO mosaic adds liveliness to the ambience through their looks, form and feel of the product.
In addition to the fantastic looks that can be created with these mosaics, it also opens up a plethora of avenues to tap into those segments where they can be blended with ceramic tiles , porcelain mosaics and the existing glass mosaics, thus truly opening up infinite possibilities of creating new looks and effects .
The fact that it is made from post consumer glass is a statement of our commitment towards doing our bit for preserving the environment so that the coming generations can enjoy this earth in the same way as we have been able to do.

  • Manufactured using recycled glass through Sintered Technology and meets the specification as per International Standards.
  • Carrying inventory of more than 400+ SKUs.

veneto USP

3 techniques

infinite pattern possibilities.

5 Sizes in 3 Shapes

wide choice in formats.

7 Looks

enriches design feel.

80+ colours

enhances design aesthetics.

Accessories - Trim

for better finish

Recycled Mosaic

100% made with recycled glass

Innovative assembling

enables better intactness.
  • 6 Items
  • 3 techniques
  • 5 sizes
  • 7 looks
  • 80+ colours

Application - Gallery

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